Electronic Mnemonics

Mnemonic devices are scientifically proven to strengthen memory. You are creating a mental image or story which allows your brain to easily recall information. Our rhymes are specifically constructed to be both memorable and informative. Some are humorous while others deal with current events. Every rhyme gives context to the word being studied.

Being able to tie a difficult word into a larger theme is key to learning and remembering its meaning. Our ebooks increase this ability by also offering a direct link to an online dictionary listing for each and every word.  Our rhymes are filled with interesting and informative topics.  We have included more than 50 Wikipedia encyclopedia links to help give more context to each rhyme.

Sample Rhymes

Raze (v) to tear down, demolish

Raze does not mean go higher

It means to demolish or flatten

Like old buildings are done

For new ones in Manhattan

Irascible (adj) easily angered

The bully was irascible

He was hot-headed

Seeing him in the hallway

Was something I dreaded


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